Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lumpy, bootees and a beanie

Feeling particularly creative today and ready for a challenge! I'm often inspired to make things for my little girl; it's so much quicker to make small things - the satisfaction comes more readily! And it's so much fun to dress her up! So, found a couple of old T-shirts and started cutting...not really sure what I was going to make. I LOVE using old T-shirts for projects; so soft, such great colours, doesn't fray and washes well! 
First up: Lumpy. I found a 70's toy pattern for an elephant, and thought he would look lovely in cerise, grey and turquoise. And he does! He's called Lumpy, because he's a little...well...lumpy. But terribly cuddly too. 

 Next: Bootees. I freestyled a pattern by roughly drawing around Lyra's teeny feet. Her socks never stay on, and tights are too warm in this weather. Jersey bootees - the perfect solution!

Finally: Beanie. Of course! A hat to match her bootees! Not that it will stay on for more than 2 minutes. Hey ho, I had fun making it.
The leftover bits!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dear Diary

Ta da! Here we go. I've never been very good at keeping a diary, but like many people (I'm sure), I'm always thrilled to read any short-lived diary attempts from throughout my life. The detail that you note down but forget, that pop you right back in the moment with just a few well-placed words and pictures. Well, I'm really hoping my blog will act as a lovely new-fangled diary. I seem to have such a lot going on at the moment, I sometimes forget what I was doing last week; and it would be such a shame to forget about it all, altogether. I'm hoping it might also serve as interesting reading for others. What I'd really love, is for it to inspire creativity. I hope it doesn't end up on my pile of unfinished teenage diaries. If I do manage to keep it up, I wonder why that's so? Is it just because it's a little bit exciting to see things you've written 'published' on the interweb? Or perhaps it's just the ease and immediacy of it all. I'm tempted to think I might be more excited reading back over my failed leather-bound diary attempts, than my (successful or failed) blog attempt. Or maybe not! Anyway, welcome. Lets see how we get on!