Monday, 6 September 2010

Makery Monsters

We had a weekend full of childrens Birthday parties at The Makery this weekend, the most fun of which was a brilliant monster party! It's one of my favourites; the children get to be so creative and I LOVE the different monsters they come up with! Here's what they do:
1) Crayons and paper at the ready. The children design a monster each. We talk about where the monsters live, what they eat, what their names are, and so on.
2) We cut out the monsters, and trace round them onto an old T-shirt.
3) Some nifty sewing machine intervention, and we sew around the monsters, leaving a little gap for the stuffing.
4) Cue stuffing..."The best bit" for many of the children! The monsters come to life!
5) Then all that's left is to give the monsters eyes, horns, teeth with an endless array of buttons, beads, ribbon, pens, whatever is to hand. How cute?!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Nanny cuddles

Some giggles with nanny prompted me to introduce Lyra, my sweetie pie little girl. We went to visit my mum for the weekend, and Lyra really remembered who she was for the first time. Magical! Cue camera and lots of baby giggles. Priceless! I can hear her now, just looking at those snaps!
A gummy grin!